The world of wedding etiquette can be completely overwhelming as not everyone fits into the same box.  Whether you’re planning a traditional, formal ceremony or a laid-back casual affair, I’m happy to help guide you through the etiquette process.  Ultimately, your wedding invitation should reflect your style as a couple and the event itself.  If the etiquette tips and wording samples below don’t quite suit you it’s perfectly fine to bend the rules. What’s most important is that your invitations are an accurate representation of you.

The important, must-have, details:

  • The Couple’s names
  • The Host’s name (bride’s parents, the couple, both sets of parents, etc.)
  • Ceremony date, day of week, time and location

Other important tips:

There are two commonly used “request lines”:

  • “The honour of your presence” is reserved for ceremonies that will take place in a church or other place of worship.  Either the American “honor” or English “honour” is correct. Just be sure to match your reply card with “favor” or “favour” accordingly.
  • “The pleasure of your company” is used for non-religious ceremonies

If your ceremony and reception will be held at the same location, a separate reception card is not necessary. You can simply state “Reception to follow” or “Dinner and dancing to follow” on the bottom of your invitation.

Names, street addresses and states should all be written out, rather than abbreviated (Street vs. St., Massachusetts vs. MA, etc.)  Additional address numbers smaller than 20 should be written out as well.

Have a specific wedding invitation etiquette question? I’m happy to help. Feel free to contact me!