Introducing the Dear LC Very Preppy Holiday Collection

Can you believe it’s already the middle of October?  The holidays will be here before you know it!  I’m sure some of you have already scooped up your first gifts too.  Well, I’m very excited to announce my first official holiday photo card collection: the Dear LC Very Preppy Holiday Collection! Available exclusively in my […]

Dear LC’s Getting Married!

All of the signs were there – we had plans for both of our families to meet the next day, the bf is almost never spontaneous, my mom didn’t hesitate at all when I asked her to come over on Saturday morning to wait for our new dryer to be delivered. But I was still […]

Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation – The Invitation

Today’s wedding invitations have a lot of options: enclosures,  belly bands, calligraphy, oh my! Then try combining traditional etiquette with modern family dynamics and the process can seem very overwhelming. Over the next few posts I’ll be breaking down the “anatomy” of the wedding invitation, its many components and providing a few etiquette tips along […]

Lake Wedding Inspiration Board

Having spent almost every summer “down the Cape” I’m truly an ocean girl. However, this summer (to mix things up a bit) my mom rented a house near Lake Winnepesaukee in NH.  Though I’ll always be an ocean girl at heart, I have to admit, the lake was beautiful. So I pulled together some inspiration […]

Real Dear LC Wedding: John & Kate

© McGarry Photography Just before the launch of the Dear LC Wedding Collection I was contacted by a lovely woman named Kate who was about the celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary.  She and her husband John married young and had a very simple wedding.  Now that they were “all grown up” they wanted to throw […]

Wedding Tip: Ask your caterer for a “to go” box

We’ve all done it.  Whether you ate your weight in crudités during the cocktail hour or scraped every last bit of surf and turf from your plate, after hours of dancing during the wedding, you’re starving! Often for the bride and groom nerves and responsibilities to their guests prevent them from truly being able to […]

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