Groom’s Cakes

© Alachia So what exactly is a groom’s cake? If you’re from the north, you might not be familiar.  Groom’s cakes are a southern tradition that, with the rise of wedding themed reality tv, have grown in popularity in the past few years.  Traditionally, a groom’s cake is a gift from the bride to the […]

Lobster Wedding Inspiration Board

When you think of New England you’re crazy if lobster doesn’t come to mind! Personally I’m a fan of all of our delicious friends from the sea – but lobster and steamaaahhhs have been at the top of my list since I was young.  What can I say? I’m just fancy like that. Unfortunately, the […]

When to send thank you notes

© Villa de Amore You just returned from your honeymoon; you’re relaxed and you’re married! Congratulations! Unfortunately, all those guests from the wedding (you know, the ones you left behind as you darted off on your romantic getaway) are now expecting a thoughtful thank you note. How rude? Unfortunately, not so much. One of the […]

Wedding Inspiration: Cake Toppers

I LOVE wedding cake. Well really I like pretty much any kind of cake, but this post isn’t about the cake itself.  It’s about the cake’s accessories!  Couples are really starting to get creative with their cake toppers.  Gone are the days of the generic looking bride and groom.  The top of your wedding cake […]

Put a ring on it

Have you ever wonder why it’s called a “ring finger”? It’s believed that the vein that runs through the fourth finger on the left hand, vena amoris, is said to lead directly to the heart. So wearing your engagement and wedding rings on your left hand creates the closest tie to your heart. Did you […]

Summer Wedding Inspiration Board

Summer is, without a doubt, my favorite time of the year.  Longer days, cookouts, and days on the beach – what’s not to like? Summer is also my busiest time of year as it’s the height of wedding season! Summer is also one of my only times I actually crave fruit – I’m more of […]

Worcester Rehearsal Dinner Options

Dear LC is located in good old Worcester, MA where this LC (me!) was born and raised.  Personally I think Worcester has some of the best dining options available. I’ve even got a few friends who were raised in NYC who agree and believe me these people know food! So if you’re getting married in […]

DJ vs. Band

Other than food (and whether you’ve also served me an edible favor) the thing I’ll remember most from your wedding is the music and the dancing. So here’s the age old question: will you have a band or a DJ? There are pros and cons to both options. Bands can provide a super sophisticated feel […]

4th of July Wedding Inspiration

Growing up my friends and I were all lucky enough to have families with summer homes “down the Cape”.   Every year for the 4th of July we would all get together for one big Independence Day Bash! It was always the most fun day of the summer and those 4th of July parties are still […]

Free Printable: “Something Blue” Greeting Card

Even though I own a stationery company I find I’m always running out last minute for a greeting card.  Whether it be for a birthday, wedding, baby shower – you can usually find me racing through Target on my way to the event! Inspired by my wedding superstitions post, here’s a little something for the […]

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