Let this be a lesson!

A big ol’ meanie hacked my website! That’s right! I couldn’t believe it either! But I started receiving emails from clients last week that my webpage was being blocked and marked as potentially dangerous. What? Well thanksful my wonderful web developer worked tirelessly over the past few days to get everything back up and running […]

Dear LC’s Getting Married!

All of the signs were there – we had plans for both of our families to meet the next day, the bf is almost never spontaneous, my mom didn’t hesitate at all when I asked her to come over on Saturday morning to wait for our new dryer to be delivered. But I was still […]

All Grown Up: A Vintage Baseball Inspired 30th Birthday Bash!

There are very few people on this planet who love baseball more than my boyfriend.  So with his 30th birthday just around the corner I wanted to give him something special that combined his favorite things: baseball, friends and family! I LOVE a good themed party and love creating the special touches that pull everything […]

Happy Holidays from Dear LC

Wow! It’s been an absolutely incredible year! To everyone who rang in 2011 with me: I told you it would be a BIG year!!  While it’s still hard for me to believe that this amazing year is coming to a close, I’m excited for the possibilities ahead in 2012. I’m gifting myself a few days […]

A Few of my Favorite Things – Winter Edition

As most of you know by now, winter is definitely not my favorite season.  However, the holiday season is really the “most wonderful time of the year” and it’s also the time when I can indulge in a few my favorite things! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite holiday/winter items for all […]

Introducing: Dear LC

Sitting on my desk is a Dove Dark Chocolate wrapper from two years ago and its message, “there’s no excuse not to dream”, has been staring me in the face every day since I first unwrapped that delicious little package. I’m not a fan of this terminology but I’ve always been a “creative type”. Although […]

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