Lake Wedding Inspiration Board

Having spent almost every summer “down the Cape” I’m truly an ocean girl. However, this summer (to mix things up a bit) my mom rented a house near Lake Winnepesaukee in NH.  Though I’ll always be an ocean girl at heart, I have to admit, the lake was beautiful. So I pulled together some inspiration […]

Lobster Wedding Inspiration Board

When you think of New England you’re crazy if lobster doesn’t come to mind! Personally I’m a fan of all of our delicious friends from the sea – but lobster and steamaaahhhs have been at the top of my list since I was young.  What can I say? I’m just fancy like that. Unfortunately, the […]

Wedding Inspiration: Cake Toppers

I LOVE wedding cake. Well really I like pretty much any kind of cake, but this post isn’t about the cake itself.  It’s about the cake’s accessories!  Couples are really starting to get creative with their cake toppers.  Gone are the days of the generic looking bride and groom.  The top of your wedding cake […]

Summer Wedding Inspiration Board

Summer is, without a doubt, my favorite time of the year.  Longer days, cookouts, and days on the beach – what’s not to like? Summer is also my busiest time of year as it’s the height of wedding season! Summer is also one of my only times I actually crave fruit – I’m more of […]

4th of July Wedding Inspiration

Growing up my friends and I were all lucky enough to have families with summer homes “down the Cape”.   Every year for the 4th of July we would all get together for one big Independence Day Bash! It was always the most fun day of the summer and those 4th of July parties are still […]

Sweet & Sophisticated Spring Wedding Inspiration

This time of year always seems to turn up the sweetest of color palettes! The fresh colors of spring and soft Easter hues provide great inspiration for brides!  So if you’re looking for a sophisticated color palette that’s bold in an understated way definitely consider pastels.  The color combinations are endless and simple sophistication is […]

Tip: Order your thank you cards in advance!

A very popular trend right now are thank you cards featuring a photo of the bride and groom from the wedding and the honeymoon. But waiting for those photos can take a long time, and you know what that means? Your thank you list is piling up (which as etiquette says is a big no, […]

Spring Wedding Color Trends for 2012

Happy spring everyone! Even though winter wasn’t too bad here in Worcester this year, we’re all still itching for a taste of spring and with 70s forecasted for this entire week, we’re definitely getting it! With spring, comes weddings, and Pantone has served up a truly beautiful collection of shades perfect for spring! From bold […]

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