Things to do 9-12 months before your wedding

  • The gown! This is probably already top on your list but if it’s not, now’s the time to bump it to the top. Why? Not only does it take time to find “the one” you also need to leave time to schedule your fittings. Since you’re already in a bridal shop, you might as well take a peek at bridesmaids dresses while you’re there!


  • Sign contracts with your wedding professionals and work out all the details! By now you probably have a good idea of the vendors you want to work with so finalize all the details and sign on the dotted line!


  • Start your gift registries! Most people like options, so if you can, register at a few different places. This is great for people who don’t like to shop online (what?) and may not live near one of the stores you’ve registered with.


  • Book the honeymoon! I really suggest working with a travel agent here, even if you know where you want to go. There are a lot of “discount” travel sites out there but the peace of mind you get with a real live person can’t be beat. Also your travel agent can give you inside tips the on your destination since they’ve most likely been there and even stayed at your hotel.