A recently engaged friend posted the following facebook status update when she began planning her wedding: Let the anxiety attacks begin.

Seriously? Why should planning for the “happiest day of your life” be such a source of stress? Because everyone you’ve ever met (and occasionally some strangers) are about to put their two cents in on your “big day”.  It’s true and we all do it.  I’m guilty.  You probably are too.  But when it comes down to it this is YOUR day (I’m using the plural form of you here…you know, you and the hubs-to-be! He gets a say here too believe it or not!) and I feel strongly that the day and all of the days leading up to it should be fun and as stress free as possible! Do you really want to start your life together on the tail of the most stressful time in your life? Probably not.

Now, I can’t keep other peoples’ mouths shut for them (I have a big enough job trying to keep my own shut) but I’m hoping that I can help to relieve a little bit of that stress. Over the next few days I’ll be posting lists of to-do items as well as some guidelines for when they should be completed. Hopefully this will keep you on track and stress free!