Be my maid of honor

Asking your closest friends and family to be a part of your wedding is a pretty special occasion.  It’s a decision that neither you, nor your wedding party should take lightly.  My sisters and my best friend Sara have probably known they would be in my wedding for a very long time – but I still wanted this moment to be special.  There are a bunch of a great ideas for asking people to be in your wedding but I just wanted something simple, a small token that they could have with them to always remind them of the whole wedding planning process.  I found these great knot bracelets on Etsy and thought they’d be a perfect way to ask my maids-to-be to “help me tie the knot!” Get it?!

Thinking you might want to do the same? The instructions are below!


DIY “Will You Help Me Tie the Knot” Jewelry Boxes

Colored cardstock, white cardstock, paper trimmer or craft knife, hole punch, double stick tape, 3.5″ square jewelry box

For the top of the box:

1. Print this template onto the white cardstock using your home printer. Trim paper down according to crop marks.

2. Cut a 3.5″ square of colored card stock and adhere to the back of the white cardstock using double stick tape.

3. Adhere the layered cardstock to the top of the box.

For the inside of the box:

1. Again, trim down the template according to the crop marks and cut a 3.25″ square of colored cardstock.

2. Punch a hole just below the text – I’m using a punch that’s specifically designed for ribbon.  If you don’t have a ribbon punch, you can punch 2 small holes.

3. Thread a piece of ribbon through the holes, then adhere the colored piece of cardstock to the back of the white cardstock by applying double stick tape on the 4 sides of the white piece – avoiding the area where you’ve just threaded the ribbon.

4. Tie the bracelet onto the ribbon and you’re done!