Dear LC's getting married

All of the signs were there – we had plans for both of our families to meet the next day, the bf is almost never spontaneous, my mom didn’t hesitate at all when I asked her to come over on Saturday morning to wait for our new dryer to be delivered. But I was still in shock as the bf got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It’s true! Dear LC is getting married!!

What seemed like an unexpected and spontaneous move on Ryan’s part was actually (I should have guessed) extremely well thought out.  When I returned home from my day-job on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend the bf told me to pack a bag. What? Ryan normally makes plans for things about 10 years in advance, so how was this the first time I was hearing about this?  Since we have only been living together (more on the new place soon!) for a few weeks we’re both still getting used to each other’s style so instead of complaining that I didn’t have my preferred 3 days of mentally planning my outfits for a weekend away I decided to be spontaneous as well and “just go with it”.  I threw a few things in my bag and we were off to my favorite place, Cape Cod.

After a great day of shopping, eating and enjoying the sun Ryan suggested we take a walk to soak in the last few hours of our day at the beach.  As we started our return trek he got down on one knee (!) and asked me to marry him – I said “YES!” of course!

Dear LC's Getting Married!