A few years ago I was on a quest for the perfect pair of flats. Something that went with everything, could be dressed up or dressed down, and was comfortable. I found a pair that I loved and wore.them.out! I was sad but determined to salvage my perfectly broken in flats and give them new life.

DIY Glitter Flats

I’d originally considered spray painting them – but I knew this wouldn’t hold up. I needed something that would stretch with the shoes as I walked and would hold up to the lovely New England weather. Since these shoes were already knocking on death’s door I decided to experiment and I’m LOVING the results!

DIY Glitter Shoes

Here’s how I did it: After carefully removing the original finish on the shoes with acetone, I used a foam brush to paint several coats of Angelus Glitterlites paint, letting each coat dry before applying the next one. That’s it!

I think these shoes would be perfect for just about any occasion but definitely for a wedding! A sparkly pop of color peeking out from under a wedding dress would be so fun! Happy DIY-ing!