Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can strike at any moment and pop up from anything, including wedding invitations! If you’re not sure what kind of engagement ring you want or what your bridal style will be, don’t worry. The beautiful invitations by Dear LC are a great inspiration for the engagement ring you’ve been looking for. Check the invitation that you are most drawn to and see what it inspires you most with!

Some General Tips: Metal and Stone

When choosing your engagement ring, there are two things to look out for: the metal and the stone. Choose a metal that will match with your normal everyday jewelry. Your engagement ring will be a connection to your partner and you’ll want to be reminded every day of the moment they proposed to you. If you love to mix metals then maybe look at rose gold rings that can complement silver and gold tones. If you’d prefer silver, look at palladium over white gold because it is a harder metal and will need less upkeep than a gold based metal.

When looking for a diamond, remember the 4 C’s (color, cut, clarity, and carat)! The most important of the two is cut and color. Cut can make a huge difference in how a diamond looks because it affects the sparkle. A smaller, better cut diamond will look better than a larger diamond. The color describes how yellow a diamond is. A white diamond will look brilliant and shine brighter than one with a slightly yellow hue. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, then check out an online jeweler, like Blue Nile. They carry a collection of engagement rings in many different styles.


Blue Nile Classic 3 Stone Setting Wedding Ring

If you are drawn to the Brighton Script Wedding invitations, then you may be the classic bride! You want to have a white wedding with all of the traditions. A classic three-stone setting would suit you perfectly. The classic three-stone setting features a larger diamond in the center with two stones on either side. The adjacent stones help strengthen the setting so you don’t have to worry about losing a diamond!


Blue Nile Vintage Halo Wedding Ring

Vintage charm is perfect for a wedding. If you want to look like a 1940’s Hollywood starlet then check out the Astoria Vintage Glamour invitations! For a vintage bride, check out some vintage engagement rings. Engagement rings from the past often have unique bands and multiple stones. A halo setting mimics the beauty of those engagement rings with a larger diamond in the center completely surrounded by smaller round stones. This setting can even make the center stone look larger!


Blue Nile Minimalist Solitaire Wedding Ring

A minimalist bride will be completely drawn to these Anna Minimalist invitations which have the ideal amount of style without overwhelming the eye. A solitaire setting with a single diamond is perfect for the bride-to-be with a clean style. The diamond is the star of the show with this setting! You will able to clearly admire the stone your significant other has picked out without any extra frills. Plus, the fit with your wedding ring will be comfortable and snug because it’s so elegant and simple.


Blue Nile Unique Gemstone Wedding Ring

The Whitney Watercolor will definitely draw your eye with a pop of color! If you enjoy the unique color and carefree watercolor on this invitation, then you may want a engagement ring with a gemstone instead of the classic diamond. Your gemstone engagement ring will be your own pop of color. Sapphires and opal are popular options that can also help reduce the price. A sapphire engagement ring is a great little “something blue” on your wedding day!