Choosing your wedding shoes

Ahhhh…shoe shopping! My favorite!  But before you head off on your hunt for the most fabulous pair for your big day, here are a few bits of advice:

  • Comfort is key! I’ll probably never say this about any other pair of shoes, but as fabulous as they are, you’re going to be standing ALL DAY, so if they’re uncomfortable in the store they’ll be even more uncomfortable after 8 hours on your feet.  There’s nothing less attractive than a bride hobbling around, wincing with every step.
  • Shop for shoes at the end of the day.  Your feet are smallest in the morning, but it’s mostly likely that your wedding will last well into the night.  Buying shoes at the end of the day will ensure the most accurate, most comfortable fit.
  • Have your dress altered with YOUR shoes.  Sure, your bridal shop or seamstress will have a few pairs of shoes lying around – but if you’re going to spend the money on the perfect dress, the tailoring should be perfect as well.  So make sure you bring your shoes with you to ALL of your fittings.
  • New shoes can be slippery.  Try gently rubbing the soles with a piece of sandpaper or lightly spraying the soles with aerosol hairspray to add a little traction.
  • Break those bad boys in!  Wear your shoes around the house to help break them in before the wedding.
  • Pick a heel height and shoe style you’re comfortable in.  Not used to wearing 5 inch heels? Then your wedding day is probably not the time to try them out.  The same goes for the style of shoe. Make sure to choose a style that you know is the most comfortable for you.  I, for example, never wear sling-backs.  That little strap will simply not stay put! So they wouldn’t be a good choice for me…as cute as they are!
  • Thinking about switching to flats or flip-flops during the reception? Think again.  Your seamstress has altered your dress to perfectly fit the height of your heels, switching to a different shoe alters both your posture and your height.  Do you really want your beautiful, white wedding dress dragging around on the floor all night?