A lesson we can all learn from Tamra’s OC Wedding


So I happened to catch a re-run of Tamra’s OC Wedding this weekend…you know the Real Housewives are your guilty pleasure too.  I can’t help myself.  Anyway, I’m actually surprised to say that I think there’s actually a lesson to learn here.  I’ll preface this post by saying “third time’s the charm” is not it.

At the opening of the show, Tamra says something along the lines  of “We have to see if we survive the wedding planning process.” No matter who you are or what your budget is (clearly!), planning a wedding is hard.  It puts a strain on your relationship, your finances, your stress level and your sanity.  I honestly thought I might get lucky and not experience this stress.  The first 8 months of the wedding planning process were relatively stress-free for me.  We made all of the big decisions pretty easily, my sisters were saying things like “I can’t believe how relaxed you are”, life was good. Then things started to get real.

When you’re planning a wedding the first few months are easy.  You’re excited,  you’re engaged, you’re pinning ideas on Pinterest like a madwoman.  Once you’ve made all the big decisions, depending on the length of your engagement, you’ll probably get a few months to relax.  “This wedding planning stuff isn’t so hard” you’ll say “I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about.” Cut to a few months before your wedding and you notice that to-do list of yours is suddenly a heck of a lot longer…and all of that stuff actually has to get done!

My breaking-point came about a month before the wedding.  For others its much earlier.  I consider myself lucky – just one month of real wedding stress.  But there was one day when I can home and told Ryan that we should just go down to city hall because “I HATE wedding planning.”  Don’t stress.  Everyone goes through this.  You will get through it.  Miraculously, everything on that list will get done.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be stress and probably a few tears.  And you know what? No one will notice if there are few unchecked items left on your list.  There were a few left on mine and as I walked down the aisle towards the man of my dreams…they were the furthest things from my mind.

A few other lessons:

  • Have your bachelor/bachelorette parties separately. Things happen. You probably don’t want to know about it. Do yourself a favor and just pretend it’s not happening.
  • Don’t get upset when your groom-to-be isn’t interesting in something. In one scene, Tamra presents an idea to Eddie and he responds “are you serious?” I can promise you this will happen. It’s ok. They just aren’t as “into” this stuff as you are.
  • Was Tamra folding a Mossimo/Target tank top? Even the celebs love Target!