A big ol’ meanie hacked my website! That’s right! I couldn’t believe it either! But I started receiving emails from clients last week that my webpage was being blocked and marked as potentially dangerous. What? Well thanksful my wonderful web developer worked tirelessly over the past few days to get everything back up and running – but the process wasn’t without it’s moments on panic. I almost lost my entire website and all of my blog posts!

So let this be a lesson to all of you.  Always. ALWAYS. Back-up your work, your iPhone, your website, everything that’s important.  We all know we should…I know I should.  But how many of us actually do it?  Luckily we were able to recover almost everything – I was lucky.  But I’d hate for anyone else to have to share my moments of panic and sleepless nights.

But fear not! I’ve gotten the offical word from Google that we’re safe and ready to roll!  Thanks for sticking with me while we worked through this!