lobster themed wedding

When you think of New England you’re crazy if lobster doesn’t come to mind! Personally I’m a fan of all of our delicious friends from the sea – but lobster and steamaaahhhs have been at the top of my list since I was young.  What can I say? I’m just fancy like that. Unfortunately, the bf isn’t a fan of our little friendly sea creatures so it’s unlikely that a lobster themed wedding is in my future.  But that doesn’t mean someone else can’t have one!  How cute would a lobster themed wedding be? Super cute!  To me there’s nothing better than a Cape wedding and a lobster bib! Enjoy!

Photo Credits: Bouy Escort Cards (Style Me Pretty); Bride and Groom (Sam’s Chowder House); Lobster Lollipops (Ju-C Suckers via Martha Stewart Weddings); Bouys (Etsy); Lobster Bake Table (Pinterest); Lobster Crackers (Country Living)