Today the terms, and their purposes, are used interchangeably, albeit incorrectly. But there is actually a different between a place card and an escort card. What’s most commonly used? Escort cards. What do most people call them? Place cards.

Traditionally, assigned seating is reserved for very formal events. We’re talking black tie, a special appearance by the Queen, type of formal. This is not assigned seating as you’re most familiar with it – not assigning people just to a table, but assigning specifically where at that table they will be sitting and whom they’ll be sitting next to. In this instance, a place card would be found on the table setting of each guest, specifically on their assigned seat, or “place”.

What you’re probably most familiar with are escort cards, which are used to “escort” each guest to their assigned table.  Which seat your guests choose to sit in is up to them! Usually a table (or other creative display) is set up near the entrance of the reception site so guests can find their names and navigate their way to their assigned table.

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