Calligraphy Wedding Seating ChartCalligraphy Wedding Seating Chart

Archetype Calligraphy Wedding Seating Chart

Product Description

Seating charts are one of the newest wedding trends. They offer a great first impression when your guests walk into your reception and it lasts for the entire night.  If you have a theme for your wedding, it allows you a much larger place to showcase this theme than a placecard would. Depending on the number of guests, it can often be a more cost effective alternative to placecards.

All seating charts are shipped FREE using FedEx Overnight to ensure timely delivery. Please allow 2-3 business days after proof approval for shipment.

Dear LC Color Chart

Did you see a font on another design that you’d like used on your purchase?

Dear LC offers a variety of fonts that can be used to customize your invitation. Your chosen font will be included on your proofs. If you’d like to change the font, be sure to make note your customizations in the “Design Requests” field.

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