Wedding Thank You Notes

A very popular trend right now are thank you cards featuring a photo of the bride and groom from the wedding and the honeymoon. But waiting for those photos can take a long time, and you know what that means? Your thank you list is piling up (which as etiquette says is a big no, no) and you’ll soon be spending your first few weeks as husband and wife tackling a seemingly endless pile of thank you notes!

Spend your first few weeks as husband and wife being husband and wife by ordering your thank you cards in advance!

Here are a few more thank you note tips:

  • Stay on top of your thank you cards by getting them out as gifts come in!
  • Use them to write a quick note to your wedding professionals (and slip their tip in there while you’re at it!)
  • Include a thank you with your bridal party gifts and present them to your friends and family during the rehearsal dinner!

Still a big photo card fan? Save your favorite honeymoon or wedding photo for a holiday greeting card to remind everyone of that special day you spent together!