to veil or not to veil

© Melissa HadleyPhotography

One of my very best friends, Jack, is a traditionalist – especially when it comes to weddings.  Any time a bride mentions that they’re thinking of not wearing a veil on their wedding day, she protests: how many other times in your life will you have the chance to wear a veil?  She’s right.  This is probably your only chance to wear a veil. So should you veil or not?

Well, for one thing, it might make you feel more “bride-y”.  Traditionalist or not, it’s likely that the vision of a bride in your head, includes a veil.  So it may seem only natural that the finishing touch on your bridal look include a veil.  But it doesn’t have to be a 25 footer à la Princess Diana.  And you don’t even have to wear it the only day!  Many brides choose to wear a veil for the more traditional part of their day (the ceremony) and then remove it for the reception so they can really let loose! Veils today comes in a number of shapes and sizes so you can easily find a look that works for you.

Still not your thing? No problem! Luckily, brides today have a number of different headpieces available to don on their wedding day.  Vintage-inspired headpieces and bird cage veils are really making a comeback.  Fresh flowers, feathers, and headbands also look gorgeous on a bride.  Etsy as well as your local bridal shop (and a number of other resources) all have great options to choose from.  If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out my Pinterest!

Regardless of your veil (or non-veil) choice, you’ll want to try your headpiece on with your dress to make sure it compliments your look.  You’ll also want to have your hair stylist do a trial as well – for two reasons: one, you want to make sure it’s comfortable and two, if you’re planning to remove your veil for the reception you’ll want to make sure you can easily take it off without undoing your do!  You’ve still got a lot of pictures to take!