Or around! In case you didn’t know escort cards at weddings serve multiple purposes.  The first is obvious, they tell you which table you’ll be sitting at.  The second is subtle, or at least it usually is: it informs waitstaff you’ve ordered.

You’ve probably noticed (or maybe you haven’t) a few of the more popular ways brides identify which meal you’ve selected for their wedding: different colored card stock, color-coded rhinestones or other embellishments.  This isn’t a friendly reminder from the bride – it’s a guide for the waitstaff.  Those rhinestones or other “keys” provide your server with the information they need to bring you the correct meal.

Having been a server at many, many weddings myself (I worked at a private country club in Worcester for 4 summers during college) I know that most people forget what they ordered 8 weeks ago.  Do the waitstaff a favor and turn your escort card around or upside down or pointing in such a way that the servers can easily identify the code the bride has painstakingly devised for them.