What are your wedding invitations really saying?

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s true! Your wedding invitations are extremely important to the planning process as well as the wedding itself.  How else will you let your guests know the who, what, where, when of your wedding day? But in addition to those important details the invitation’s other job is to subtly hint at the atmosphere of your big day.  Is there a theme? Will it be casual or formal?

When you start looking for wedding invitations be sure to keep the theme and/or formality of your wedding in mind.  Certain fonts, colors, and designs can have a big impact on the message you’re trying to convey.  Bold stripes are perfect for a nautical themed wedding, but might send the wrong message to your guests if you’re having an uptown affair.  If you’re thinking of going custom, you’re in luck! Designers are very in tune with how people view certain fonts, etc. and will be able to help take all of your thoughts and ideas and turn them into something that perfectly suits your vision, venue, and theme!

Oscar Wilde once said “you can never be underdressed or overeducated.” While this may be true…your attire can certainly look out of place.  Would you want to show up to a black-tie affair in a summery sundress?  I wouldn’t!