Romantic Wedding Inspiration Board

Determining the style of your wedding can be one of the first big challenges you have for your wedding.  Yes, you’ve got to pick a venue and a photographer and a dress, but each of those things, and all of the other elements in your wedding, need to blend together in order to create a cohesive look.  Certain venues and certain photographers, for example, have a particular style.  They may have a more rustic or modern feel to them. Most importantly, your wedding invitations need to reflect this style as well, as they’re the first thing your guests will see.

Today’s Inspiration Board features a stunning collection of romantic-inspired wedding imagery to give you an idea of what a romantic-themed wedding might look like.  From the color of the flowers to the soft texture of the brides hair, everything has a romantic, dreamy feel.  The invitations are one of my most favorite custom suites from a few years ago, but they still capture that timeless, romantic feeling.  I’ve had several clients mention this specific suite during their consultation, each one planning a romantic day!

Photo Credits: Invitations | Cake | Hair | Flowers | Table