As I mentioned last week, your wedding invitations send a lot of subliminal messages to your guests . One of those messages is to indicate who is hosting the wedding.  Traditionally, (read, back-in-the-day, when the bride’s parents paid for everything and there was probably a dowry involved) things were simple for wedding invitation designers.  The wedding invitation would simply read “Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Smith request…” Copy and paste for every couple.  However, today the rules are not as cut and dry.

Often, regardless of who’s footing the bill, any combination of family members may be listed on the host line. It’s not uncommon for the couple to be funding a majority of the wedding; but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to give their parents a shout out! So today the host line is often less of an indication of who’s actually shelling out the dough – but more of a statement of who’s celebrating! Which, personally I think is nicer!

Sticky Situations

One of the many reasons that invitations are often issued from the couple themselves is because today’s modern families are a little more complicated. With divorces and remarried parents it can be complicated for some couples to include everyone on their invitation with out someone’s feelings getting hurt or their invitation looking more like a guest list. The experts recommend listing only your natural parents.  Everyone’s situation – bend the “rules” to accommodate your own particular situation.

Here are some examples:

A Guide to Wedding Invitation Host Lines